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Greetings, comrades. Das Kapital Capital is no longer making investments, just focusing on being the best investor possible for the current collective.

In 2006, Alexis Ohanian sold, a startup he co-founded with Steve Huffman, to Condé Nast Digital.

This made him a 23-year-old accredited investor, one of the most dangerous things in the world. Suddenly becoming more dangerous than a raptor, Jules & Vincent from Pulp Fiction, and Predator (combined) he set off to invest some of this capital in startups led by founders just like him (long on ideas, short on experience, but full of energy). Besides, he wanted to live vicariously through these of startup founders — only sleep better.

We don't care how experienced, educated, or tall founders are. We're investing in people with ability, personality, and drive. Oh, we care about your idea, but we know it'll change. Since we angel invest at the "seed stage," we're not expecting to invest in the final product, but the team that's going to get there.

An angel investor much wiser than him suggested he create an LLC, so he did. Thus, Das Kapital Capital, LLC was born (and announced at Angel Bootcamp in Boston).

History calls those men the greatest who have ennobled themselves by working for the common good; experience acclaims as happiest the man who has made the greatest number of people happy.
Founded by Alexis Ohanian, Das Kapital Capital, LLC provides investment, advising, and Quake II railgun tutorials to startups.

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